People I work with at the University of Udine.

Current group

  • Matteo Paier (PhD student, Ciclo XXXVIII)
  • Davide Castelnovo (PhD student, Ciclo XXXV)
  • Vincenzo Riccio (RTD-B INF/01)
  • Pietro Di Gianantonio (Associate Professor)
  • Ivan Scagnetto (Assistant Professor)

Past PhD students and research fellows

  • Marco Peressotti (PhD student, ciclo XXVIII)
  • Giorgio Bacci (PhD student, Ciclo XXIV)
  • Davide Grohmann (PhD student, Ciclo XXII)
  • Claude Stolze (research fellow, oct 2020-sep 2022)
  • Michele Pasqua (research fellow, oct 2020-sep 2021)
  • Carlo Maiero (research fellow, oct 2010-sep 2011)

Past undergraduate students

Too many to list ‘em all. Some are:

See on cercatesi for a complete list.