My research statement and mission.

TL;DR: I work or have worked on

  • Formal methods for Concurrent and Distributed Systems
    • process calculi (CCS, π-calculus, et similia)
    • bigraphs and bigraphic reactive systems
    • models and languages for IoT, CAS and edge computing
    • modelisation and verification of security protocols
    • quantitative systems (DMC, CTMC, MDP)
  • Distributed architectures, languages and security
    • cooperating communicating processes
    • peer-to-peer, pub-sub and event-based architectures
    • distributed ledgers
    • security of virtualization and containerization
    • information flow control
  • Logic and Category theory
    • Modal, temporal and spatial logics
    • Monads, algebras, coalgebras
    • Fuzzy and nominal sets
  • Type theory
    • session and behavioural types
    • logical frameworks
    • proof assistants (Coq, Agda,…)

More estensively:

My research mission revolves around the fundamental enhancement of concurrent systems—making them not only more effective and robust but also inherently secure. It’s a multi-faceted approach that amalgamates formal methods, advanced programming language techniques, and core principles of computer security.

In approaching concurrent systems, I embrace a unified mathematical perspective deeply rooted in Logic, Category Theory, and the foundational principles of computer security. This interdisciplinary foundation is pivotal to tackle the intricate challenges inherent in concurrent systems, providing a solid theoretical framework to enhance both their functionality and security.

Within this framework, my objectives are two-fold. First, I aim to elevate system reliability and security by addressing critical aspects such as race conditions, deadlocks, synchronization issues, and identifying potential vulnerabilities. These are the linchpins of robust and secure concurrent systems. Second, I strive to contribute to a broader understanding of computational processes, especially in the context of secure concurrent systems. This comprehension is essential for driving innovation and ensuring that our systems can withstand the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Ultimately, my goal is to foster innovation, pushing the boundaries of distributed programming, analysis, and security methodologies. By blending the power of formal methods, advanced programming techniques, and a solid mathematical and security-driven foundation, I aspire to not only enhance concurrent systems but also pave the way for a safer and more efficient digital future.

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