Marino Miculan

(Ph.: G.T.Bernardi)

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Deputy Head at Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics of the University of Udine, with a second affiliation at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. (Qualified to Full Professor since March 2018.)

This website collects some information about my research, including my publications, the scientific projects and events I am involved in, my teaching activities and academic services.

My current research focuses on ensuring security and trustworthiness in distributed, component-based, and smart systems. These systems involve intricate interactions of numerous heterogeneous components, making their behavior complex to analyze. To address this challenge, I leverage formal methods (potentially with a pinch of machine learning) to develop novel models, languages, methodologies, and verification techniques to formally analyze and ensure the security and trustworthiness of these systems.
If this sounds interesting to you too, drop me a note.

Besides, I know something about type theory, proof assistants, logical frameworks, nominal sets, category theory and logic, process calculi, coalgebras, structured operational semantics, session types, bigraphs, systems biology, distributed ledgers. (In a sense, I am a horizontal researcher.)

I founded and currently lead the Models and Applications of Distributed Systems laboratory, the Udine node of the CINI National CyberSecurity laboratory, and the MadrHacks, the ethical hacking team of the University of Udine. I have the fortune to work with great people.

selected publications (more)

  1. Pasqua, Michele ; Miculan, Marino: Behavioral equivalences for AbU: Verifying security and safety in distributed IoT systems. In: Theoretical Computer Science vols. 998 (2024), p. 114537
  2. Castelnovo, Davide ; Gadducci, Fabio ; Miculan, Marino: A simple criterion for 𝓜,𝓝-adhesivity. In: Theoretical Computer Science vols. 982 (2024), p. 114280
  3. Pasqua, Michele ; Miculan, Marino: AbU: A calculus for distributed event-driven programming with attribute-based interaction. In: Theoretical Computer Science vols. 958 (2023), p. 113841
  4. Miculan, Marino ; Vitacolonna, Nicola: Automated Verification of Telegram’s MTProto 2.0 in the Symbolic Model. In: Computers & Security (2023), p. 103072
  5. Stolze, Claude ; Miculan, Marino ; Di Gianantonio, Pietro: Composable partial multiparty session types for open systems. In: Software and Systems Modeling, Springer (2023), Nr. 22, pp. 473–494