Marino Miculan


Office L2-17-BC

DMIF - Università di Udine

Via delle Scienze 206

I-33100, Udine, Italy

Associate Professor of Computer Science at DMIF, University of Udine. (Qualified as full professor since March 2018)

This webpage collects some information about my research, including my publications, the projects I am involved in, and my teaching and professional activities.
I lead the Models and Applications of Distributed Systems laboratory, and the Udine node of the CINI National CyberSecurity laboratory. I have the fortune to work with great people.

I know one or two things about process calculi, distributed ledgers, session types, category theory and logic, bigraphs, coalgebras, structured operational semantics, nominal sets, systems biology, type theory, logical frameworks, proof assistants.

Currently, I am mostly interested in security aspects of distributed, component-based and smart systems, for which I use and develop semantic models, formal methods and domain specific languages.
If these are your interests too, drop me a note.

Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play. (I. Kant)

selected publications (more)

  1. Automated Verification of Telegram’s MTProto 2.0 in the Symbolic Model
    Marino Miculan, and Nicola Vitacolonna
    Computers & Security 2023
  2. The AbU Language: IoT Distributed Programming Made Easy
    Michele Pasqua, Massimo Comuzzo, and Marino Miculan
    IEEE Access 2022
  3. Composable partial multiparty session types for open systems
    Claude Stolze, Marino Miculan, and Pietro Di Gianantonio
    Software and Systems Modeling 2022
  4. Computing (optimal) embeddings of directed bigraphs
    Alessio Chiapperini, Marino Miculan, and Marco Peressotti
    Sci. Comput. Program. 2022
  5. A new criterion for M,N-adhesivity, with an application to hierarchical graphs
    Davide Castelnovo, Fabio Gadducci, and Marino Miculan
    In Proc. FoSSaCS 2022