Inter-departmental strategic plan on Artificial Intelligence (2023-2025)

The University of Udine has funded a specific interdisciplinary and interdepartmental project in the area of AI to act as an important point of connection between research, institutions and industry in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The aim is to promote basic research and the rapid usability of mature technologies to support the digital transformation of institutions and companies in the territory. As a complement, the project will aim to strengthen the educational model for the dissemination of AI culture to the younger generation through specific educational actions (events for schools, summer schools on AI topics for PhD students and staff of companies, life-long learning on the topic of AI, etc.).

Within this project, I am in charge of the Work Package 10, “AI applied to Cybersecurity”. The objective of this WP is to systematically organize and increase the initiatives in order to create a structured collaboration between the university and economic and social actors in the area. This collaboration will be beneficial both for companies, which can draw on advanced know-how and expertise in terms of cybersecurity and AI, and for the university, as confrontation with application problems is a source of inspiration for new research directions.