We are happy to announce that Matteo Spadetto, a PhD student specializing in categorical logic and homotopy type theory, will be joining our research group.

Matteo comes to us from the University of Leeds (UK) where he is currently completing his PhD under the supervision of Nicola Gambino, Federico Olimpieri, and Michael Rathjen. His prior studies in pure mathematics at the University of Trento (IT) and Utrecht University (NL) under Stefano Baratella and Jaap van Oosten further solidify his strong foundation in the field.

Matteo’s research interests within categorical logic lie in exploring the concepts of (hyper)doctrines and Grothendieck fibrations. He focuses on applying these frameworks to understand the semantics of first-order logic (including many-sorted variants). His specific areas of investigation involve quantifier completions, the dialectica construction, and establishing canonicity properties.

We very welcome Matteo as he will be contributing his expertise to the STENDHAL project. He will focus on the syntax and categorical semantics of spatial-temporal logics within the project. His background in both categorical logic and type theory makes him uniquely qualified to address these complexities.