Our research project STENDHAL (“Spatio-Temporal Enhancement of Neural Nets for Deeply Hierarchical Automatised Logic”), has been approved under the 2022 PRIN initiative. As the Principal Investigator at the University of Udine, I am delighted to share this exciting news! 🚀🎉

This project is led by the University of Pisa, and besides the University of Udine it includes also the ISTI of the National Research Council (CNR). The expertise and resources of multiple institutions will ensure a comprehensive exploration of the project’s objectives.

STENDHAL will push the boundaries of spatial analysis by introducing spatio-temporal capabilities in sequences of images. This breakthrough will enable advanced analysis of videos and facilitate longitudinal studies in healthcare, empowering researchers and practitioners to extract valuable insights from visual data. In addition, the project will pioneer the integration of spatial model checking with neural networks. By combining the precision of neural networks with expert-driven monitoring of requirements, such as protocols, guidelines, and safety properties, we aim to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency in complex systems.

STENDHAL’s innovative methods will be rigorously validated through case studies in the healthcare and cyber-physical domains. These real-world applications will demonstrate the practical implications of our research, showcasing the great potential for enhancing decision-making, safety, and performance in critical domains.