Today and tomorrow I am attending the final workshop of the “project of national interest” (PRIN 2017) IT MATTERS, which runs from September 2019 till August 2023. The workshop is hosted at the wonderful San Francesco complex of IMT Alti Studi, Lucca.

Large-scale distributed smart systems, fueled by diverse data collection sensors, are the backbone of modern infrastructure. To address the critical need for reliability, IT MATTERS embarked on developing a new methodology based on formal methods. This methodology aimed to specify, implement, and validate trustworthy smart systems. During the final meeting, numerous accomplishments were highlighted; I presented one of the project’s lasting legacies, i.e., the AbU language. This language will continue to undergo development and improvement, ensuring its continued relevance and impact. Additionally, an outcome is the forthcoming PRIN 2022 “STENDHAL” project. Stay tuned for further updates on this endeavor in the near future!