As member of the Directive Board of CINI, the national University Consortium for Informatics, today and tomorrow I am participating to the annual Joint Meeting of Directive Board and of Structure Directors. This year’s topic is “Research and formation in the Society of Digital Transition”:

The PNRR assigns a strategic role to the digital transition for the growth of the country. Numerous initiatives involve research groups from Italian universities and research centers that operate in the sector of developing methodologies and technologies related to IT and telecommunications issues, demonstrating the quality of research and the capacity for effective development of the scientific and industrial community. The main initiatives concern National Centres, Extended Partnerships, Competence Centers and EDIHs. The expectation of the scientific and industrial community is to maximize participation to make the country system more competitive, also guaranteeing the growth of professional figures capable of supporting such a strategic sector over time. In this context it is important to open a comparison between the different actors involved in order to discuss prospects and opportunities.